"I like having a Big Sister because I can talk to her about anything and I feel more positive about myself. My Big Sisters is there for me whenever I need her." Little Sister, 15 years old.



"How Full is Your Bucket? For Kids"

by Tom Rath Mary Reckmeyer

A great read for you and your mentee!

The Keg: Showing spirited support for kids in our community!

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On Monday, November 26th the Bramalea Keg Steakhouse & Bar officially opened their doors.  The new restaurant, located 46 Peel Centre Drive by Bramalea City Centre, was buzzing with activity leading up to their official opening.  In true Keg tradition, they prepared for their opening day by fundraising for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Peel.  On the Thursday, Friday and Saturday prior to their opening, invited guests came to The Keg to enjoy their legendary steaks, prime rib and wide variety of delicious meals in exchange for a $5 per person donation to the agency.  This event raised over $6,800!  

Over the past 10 years, The Keg Spirit Foundation has proudly donated $53,943 to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Peel through national promotions, store openings and miscellaneous donations. Each year, the Kegs in Brampton and Mississauga have also supported the annual Tim Hortons Bowl for Kids Sake campaign, as well as the Big Brothers Big Sisters alumni program at the national level.

The Keg Spirit Foundation concentrates on supporting charities that focus on the development of youth through mentoring programs, and has raised over $6.3 million for more than 300 local charities since its inception in 2001. Of that, over $1 million has been donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada. 70% of these funds have gone to the local agencies in which Kegs operate, and 30% has gone to support the BBBS alumni program at the national level.

As well as raising money for Big Brothers Big Sisters as a part of their Bramalea opening, The Keg also sponsored one of Big Brothers Big Sister’s groups for the upcoming year.  On November 27th, they invited The Keg Spirit Mississauga Junior Girls Group to their new Bramalea Keg for dinner, a tour and some fun activities.  Children learned about the restaurant industry from Doug Bray, Director of Operations, who took them on a tour of the restaurant.

Our Group program plays an important role in helping children form positive peer connections in addition to healthy mentoring relationships.  This community based program matches children with mentors on a 2:1 basis. Sixteen agency groups meet the same night each week for two hours between 7-9PM from September to May.  Each group is organized according to age, gender and residential area, and is comprised of a maximum of twelve young people and six adult volunteers. 

Each week, volunteers pick up their mentees and drive them to the week’s activity.  These activities are designed to encourage young people to explore a broad range of topics, professions and special interests, and often incorporate elements of education, culture, recreation and community. Through these activities our youth to learn about themselves helping them to better prepare for their future.   Companies like The Keg Steakhouse & Bar play an integral role by hosting fun, interactive activities that help to broaden the horizons of our youth and inspire them.  Through group interaction youth build self-esteem, teamwork and leadership skills that will help them as they grow to become adults. 

Funding for The Keg Spirit Mississauga Junior Girls Group came as a result of memorial donations in honour of Mark Cruikshank; a valued supplier and friend to many, who passed away in 2010.  Mark was a former Big Brother who had always supported The Keg Spirit Foundation, and in particular, The Keg’s support of Big Brothers Big Sisters agencies across the country. 

At the girls’ group event on the 27th, Alison and Katie Cruikshank, Mark’s daughters, presented Big Brothers Big Sisters with a cheque for $10,792.80 for The Keg Spirit Mississauga Junior Girls Group.  As a result of this donation, this group will get to enjoy a year full of fun activities including tours, creative classes, and recreational activities, with their mentors.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Peel is very fortunate to have a strong partnership with The Keg Steakhouse & Bar and we thank them for their continued support over the past 10 years!  Over the holidays, we encourage you to stop by your local Keg to show your support!