"I like having a Big Sister because I can talk to her about anything and I feel more positive about myself. My Big Sisters is there for me whenever I need her." Little Sister, 15 years old.



"How Full is Your Bucket? For Kids"

by Tom Rath Mary Reckmeyer

A great read for you and your mentee!


"Having a Big Sister has allowed me to learn new things, I feel more positive and I finally have a great friend."- Jess, Little Sister

"My Big Sister has helped me to think more positively and to get out more and play"- Natassja, Little Sister

"Having a Big Sister has helped me become a better person"- Mariah, Little Sister


"Having a Big Brother has helped me to be more responsible and outgoing with other people" -Devon, Little Brother

"Having a Big Brother has helped me by making me feel happier in life"- Daniel, Little Brother

"My Big Brother is cool, funny, awesome, nice and fun to be with" - Isaiah, Little Brother

"The relationship I have built with Josh is my favourite part of mentoring as it allows me to watch him grow and develop through our match"- Alex, Volunteer

"Having a little sister has made me so proud to see how far our relationship has come. Our match is ever evolving"- Lisa, Volunteer

"I enjoy the time we spend together; it's care-free and we always have fun."- Laura, Volunteer

"Q:What do you like best about mentoring?
How he won't say "I can't" anymore"- Cenzio, Volunteer