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AGM & Volunteer Recognition Evening

50th Anniversary Celebration at our AGM & Volunteer Recognition Evening!

 Ron Lehman
Big Brothers Big Sisters is proud to be celebrating 50 years of mentoring in Peel Region. On June 7th we celebrated the impact our programs have had on so many youth in Peel Region at our AGM & Volunteer Recognition Evening. Volunteers were awarded for 5, 10, 15 and 20 years of service and 6 scholarships were presented to our Little Brothers and Little Sisters to assist in their post secondary education.  
Several historic volunteers, former Bigs and Littles, former Executive Directors and Board Chairs and other special guests joined together for the celebration.  Most certainly the highlight of the evening was a video that was played of Ron Lehman, our 2nd ever Big Brother in Peel Region. Ron was matched with Little Brother Jim who passed away at the young age of 13 from a heart aneurism. Ron was there to share his story, making an emotional impact on the evening.

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Other special guests included mom Heather Heasman talking about the impact her sons’ Big Brothers made in their lives.  All of her son's were matched in the 1990's and are now 40, 38 and 36.  Additionally, Big and Little Sister Jill Barber and Alana Malden who were matched in 1991 came together to speak about how much their friendship has meant to both of them.
Congratulations to our Award Winners:

5year Volunteer Award Winners
Akashjot Bagri
Amisha Patel
Amit Verma
Chris Corciega
Domenic  Iannicca
Douglas Tannahil
Elaine Odetoyinbo
Genna Surty
Hiren Patel
Jai Virk
Jennifer Barbazza
Kimbert Quesada
Lara Yanchis
Luisa Santopietro
Marianne Tanedo
Marijoy Malabanan
Matthew Mendonca
Matt Ho
Michael Marcotte
Michael Mikan
Michael Stone
Nathan Kain King
Nikhita Bhasin
Penny St. Germain
Radcliffe Rose
Saad Zaman
Zack Leece

10year Volunteer Award Winners
Agatha Ashton-Monaghan
Heather Heasman
Jim Smith
Margaret Austin

15year Volunteer Award Winners
Dian Ramnarine
Donna Coulson
Elaine Peters
Justin Khan

20year Volunteer Award Winner
Marlie Yoshiki


Congratulations to our Scholarship Recipients:

Sylvie Hyndman Memorial Scholarship Recipient

Brampton Kiwanis Littles Bursary Fund Recipients

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