We believe in the value and values of mentoring.”

Learning Modules

Decision Making 
You and your mentee will be faced with many decisions and opportunities. Here, you’ll find guidance on how to make child-focused, ethical decisions in different mentoring situations.

Talking About Smoking 
Research has shown that starting smoking during adolescence can lead to lifelong health consequences. As trust and respect develop between you and your mentee, you may find yourself in an ideal position to help them make healthy choices.

Resilience: A Practical Guide for Mentors 
Check out these relatively simple yet very important ways to enhance your mentee’s self esteem and support their ability to cope with life’s challenges and opportunities.

Motivations, Expectations & Approach 
What motivated you to volunteer? Is being a mentor what you expected? Dive into this module for some great ideas and scenarios.

A relationship problem that requires relationship solutions, bullying is a type of abuse that can take different forms at different ages. You’ll find helpful information and useful links in this section.


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